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100 Steps to Your Own Online Residual Income Flow, even if you've never published anything on a website before!

Read below to learn how to gain the freedom in your own life with a passive income.

From:  Christopher Westra


Dear Friend -

I used to work in a prison.

prisonNo, I don't mean it felt like a prison, I worked in a real prison.

And here's the strange thing -

Whereas the inmates had windows in their cells . . . I, as an employee of the prison, didn't have a single window in my office!

Whereas the prisoners enjoyed hours of yard time out in the sunshine each day . . . I was stuck inside at a dreary desk all day!

And that was when a funny thought struck me (which maybe you can relate to) -

If success is being able to do what you want when you want, then those
prisoners were more successful than I was!

But here's the great news...

Now I enjoy working from my home full time.

Working at home allows me to wear what I want, look out the window, go for a hike outside whenever I want, eat my meals when I want, and even work when I want. (Though I don't work in my underwear, I do go entire days in bare feet at times.)

So many people asked me to tell them how to create a freedom lifestyle with passive residual income that I finally decided to do it.  So I decided to create this Freedom Lifestyle Profits Program so you can have the freedom lifestyle also.

If you want the financial freedom of an online business, the confidence that comes from selling your own product, and a step-by-step process to make this a reality for you, then this may be the most important page you'll ever read.

"It's Possible to Create Freedom"

gary evansHi Christopher, I'm really loving your I Create Profits site!

Not only are the videos short and concise, but the information you're sharing is the same as what I've already been doing to create my own Internet business.

I know first hand that it's possible to create freedom through the Internet, and I'm really excited by the fact that you're going to help create freedom for thousands of others who really need this.

I commend you for the fantastic job you're doing.

Keep up the great work!

Gary Evans
Author and Marketer

What is the Freedom Lifestyle, Anyway?

Jane AustenHave you ever read the book Pride and Prejudice, or seen the movie? Jane Austen's novels are filled with people who don't have to work for a living. Why don't they work?

The "upper class" in England, France and other countries owned all the land, and received a continuous passive income from the "rent" of the tenants.

Now you can learn how to generate a residual income from property, and it doesn't have to be real estate. You can also get royalties from books, audios, inventions, movies, and even ideas and processes.

You can now discover how to create or obtain valuable intellectual property that you can sell over and over again, yet still own!

Josh and I make it even easier by buying your web domain for you, hosting it for you, and then giving you videos showing you what to do.

"This is a Road Map Anyone Can Use"

aine beltonWhat a fantastic course you’ve created here! I’m amazed at the attention to detail and extensiveness of material you’re offering, and the clear and concise way you’re presenting it makes it easy and straightforward to follow.

This is a road map anyone can use enjoyably and effectively. Superb!

Congratulations on helping people create greater freedom and income in their lives. I can personally testify that the internet is a means for turning passions into profits, creating a free and abundant life-style and releasing your gifts, talents and service into the world.

Aine Belton
Author and Mentor

A Freedom Lifestyle Gives True Leisure Time

tocquevilleWhen the Frenchman Alexis DeTocqueville came to America he made an interesting discovery. He noted in his famous book, Democracy in America, that Americans had little leisure time for true education because they were all so busy earning a living! Now hardly anybody has leisure time!

With a passive income, you can use your leisure time for learning, service, fulfilling your mission in life, or whatever you want to do. You can do this from any country in the world.

"Got Me Totally Jazzed"

robertYour new program got me totally jazzed!  You really have "gone the extra mile here." It is tailored to my specific needs ....... 

It looks great, the videos worked fine, and it makes the whole process so much more doable for the average person.

Breaking it down into smaller, easier to manage, step-by-step building blocks.  I tip my hat to you, Christopher, it must have taken a huge amount of time & effort to produce this.....

Robert Kelaghan
Musician and Web Creator

Hawaii Trip and the Freedom Lifestyle

hawaiiHawaii, Here I Come: When I took my wife to Hawaii for our fourteenth anniversary, I didn't touch a computer for nearly eight days. During this time I still made several hundred dollars each day.

The internet allows you to totally automate the sales process and the value delivery process. Now, passive residual income programs can take a lot of work to set up. I work hard in my business, but I do what I love and enjoy the freedom lifestyle.

I enjoy interacting with my family more frequently. Josh also likes to travel and he takes his laptop with him and keeps up with whatever he needs to.  See all the stories below about what others have done:

"Purchase Your Domain For You"

connerWhat a cool idea!  I've never seen anything like this with totally video-based instructions and a step-by-step process to online success. 

These guys will actually purchase your domain for you and host your website.  You won't find any other membership site doing that!  I've got several websites now.

Even a teenager like me can follow these simple videos.

Conner "ZapSkate"
Web Designer and Computer Expert

Don't Buy an Online Profits Course unless....

1  They provide you with a website and hosting along with membership.

2  The authors actually make a living from online profits themselves!

3  "How to get traffic" is fully explained in the program.

4  The instructors show you visually what to do (not just tell you).

5  They provide ongoing motivation and mentorship.

6  You create a business based on your skills and interests.

7.  One major goal is your time freedom (through wise automation).

Yes, the Freedom Lifestyle Membership give you all of these.

"Brilliantly User-Friendly Course"

thea westraWhat a simple to follow, and brilliantly user-friendly course, that takes us through the fundamental steps which work.

The I Create Profits community is an absolute 'must' for anybody who wants to build their own successful online business.

From my personal perspective, with vast online experience, I see clearly that all bases are covered and your courses truly do take us from foundation to advanced. Just 'follow the bouncing ball'!

For anyone who is starting, this community is the only way to go if you want a well grounded web based business. I Create Profits provides total, experience-backed support, and very honest advice every single step along the journey.

Thea Westra
Thought Leader and Author

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Please take a look over the steps.  You can learn more about who we are and why this site can help you earn online profits.  Feel free to sign up for the Mini-Course below.

Free Ten Lesson Profits Mini Course!

Top Ten Things You Need to Make Your Profits

You will learn all this with the Mini-Course

1. How to Pick Your One Top Passion for Online Profits

2. Your Three Benefits to Selling Digital Products

3. Eight Keys to Choosing a (Profitable) Web Domain

4. Two Best Ways to Ensure Potential Customers

5. The Seven Crucial Parts to Every Great Sales Page

6. Your Top Three Methods of Getting Targeted Traffic

7. Two Creative Ways for Building Your Affiliate Network

8. The Most Powerful Tool to Boost Your Sales

9. Your Four Secrets of Dynamic Online Confidence

10. How to Get an Experienced Mentor to Help

You will receive one lesson every four days.  To receive your ten lessons just enter your first name and email address in the form below and click on the "Yes" button.  You'll get your first lesson today.

Thanks!  Now to learn even more quickly, see the videos yourself:

"I Love the Freedom and Flexibility"

wendy jensenSome days I spend a lot of time on my business and other days I do nothing at all. I love the freedom and flexibility this opportunity provides me! I spent the past two weeks vacationing with my family and while we were gone I still earned money on my e-books through Clickbank. When I returned from vacation, there were SIX Clickbank checks waiting for me!

That is the beauty of passive residual income! My husband and I were talking about this subject with a good friend of ours who is an attorney. He said, “That is what I need!” He went on to explain that he made good money, but he also worked long hours. The minute he stopped working, he also stopped earning money. That is the way it is with most people.

Although it takes discipline, work and effort to set up a business that brings in passive residual income, it is well worth it in the end!

Wendy Jensen of St. George, Utah
Author of Positive Parenting

First Ten Video Steps Shown Below

Do you want to see all the steps?  Click See All Steps Here

Step 1:  Identify Your Top Four Areas of Interest and Passion

You will create online profits when you work in areas you love.  In this step you watch the video outlining the four clarity questions to ask yourself.  Then you simply fill out the clarity sheet and decide on your top four areas of interest. We will give you some examples of niches and subjects.

We have a book listing 559 different topics to get you started on your brainstorming.

Step 2: Explore and Evaluate Audience Size in Your Niches

audienceIn this step we show you how to quickly use two free online tools to evaluate the potential audience size of any topic, keyword, or niche.  For the best results you want between 300 to 3000 people searching for your topic every day.

Step 3: Pick Your One Best Idea out of Your Four Niche Areas  

Using the information from the first two steps, you now choose your top niche or subject area to develop your website around.  Note - This isn't a lifetime decision, you can always go back and choose another!  You now have a topic you love with a good sized audience as well.

Step 4: Brainstorm At Least 20 Possible Domain Names

domain nameIn this step you first watch the SureFire video.  This video teaches you some principles about what makes a good domain name.  No, you don't need 20 domain names, but if you come up with 20, you will end up with a better one than just going with your first hunch.

You will send your domain list to us and we will give you feedback and help you choose if you like.

Step 5: Choose your Top Domain Name and Let Us Know!

We will buy the domain for you and host it for you.  Yes, you read that right.  We have streamlined the process of creating websites and have our own private server.

Just let us do that work for you and it's so much easier.  You will have our email address, and we will buy your website and set up the hosting.

Step 6:  Do a Simple Competition Analysis (Really Fun)

We will show you how to do a simple competition analysis to find out what is being done already in your niche.  You will use this step to see what's already working.  Decide on ways to differentiate yourself from the competition and provide unique value to your customers.

Step 7: Learn to Publish all Types of Files to Your Web with FTP

computer boy girlIn this step you will learn how to use FTP (file transfer protocol) to put different kinds of files onto your website.  We will show you the best and simplest free FTP tool to use.

If you are already familiar with FTP, then you can skip this step.

Step 8:  Publish a Simple HTML Page With Your Own Content

We've learned that you really need some confidence at this point.  We will show you how to use some free tools to design content on your new website.  You can use a free web designer, or use another program if you are comfortable with one.

You want a WYSIWYG editor, which stands for What You See is What You Get.  What this means is that you get the page looking how you want using simple tools, and the program builds the html for you!

Step 9:  Decide on Your Type of Product

You've got your niche and your website.  Now, what do you want to create?  We recommend starting with a digital (downloadable) information product.  However, if you have a fantastic dog leash to sell, or invented a new tomato cage, that will work too!

Even with a digital product, you need to decide whether you want to create a downloadable book, an audio series, some videos, or a combination of all these.

Step 10:   List 20 Ways Your Product will Benefit Your Customers

In this step we teach you about the sixteen things everybody wants, and how to make sure your product meets the needs of your chosen audience.

You will use these 20 benefits later as you write your persuasive sales page.  One of the biggest mistakes beginners make is not telling their customers about the real benefits of their product!

See The Complete List of Video Steps Here

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Why a Membership Site?  Discover the Benefits!

Millions are joining membership sites and Here's Why....

1  Save Money - No shipping and no taxes.

2  Control Viewing - Watch instructional videos online.

Read Easily - Enlarge or reduce text size with a click.

4  Navigate Quickly - Hyperlink to all resources.

5  Purchase Easily - Use any major Credit Card.

6  Access Instantly - Watch videos within minutes!

7  Choose Printing Options - Print only what you need.

8  Save Paper - Print multiple pages on one sheet.

Protect the Environment - Saves shipping fuel.

10 Learn Anywhere - Access from any computer in the world!

11 Enjoy Security - If you ever lose your login, just ask us.

12 Make Money - With I Create Profits residual income.

13 Repeat Exposure - Watch videos again and again.

14 Feel Freedom - Enjoy working with a topic you love.

Frequently Asked Questions
(You may have some of these questions)

Why is the Course Video Based?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  That's true!  Well, a motion video capture is worth a thousand pictures.  These videos do more than just tell you what to do, they SHOW you exactly what to do.  That's why we decided to develop so many videos for you.

Another reason for the videos is so you can watch them over and over again whenever you need to.  The steps and exercises and instructions are right there for you at all times.

Exactly How Big is the Web?  Is There Really Room for My Website?

number of websitesWell, estimates vary (of course) but many educated sources point to about 250 to 300 million different websites.  However, the problem is that only the top 10 million websites get any real visitor traffic.  At I Create Profits, we know how to help you get traffic to your website.

We will teach you how to increase the targeted traffic - the people who will
want to buy what you are selling.

It's really pretty easy to get ranked in the top million websites when you know how to do it.  Traffic is the key to sales, and without it, you don't have any profits. 

We enjoy helping people generate traffic and deliver valuable products around the world.  We only tell you how big the web is to convince that there is room for you to get your own customers and your own profits!


"I Am Now Sold"

tony brigmonFeel like I have my own Miyagi mentor (from the Karate Kid) in you Christopher. I love how you have broken these steps down into very doable steps - even for an older guy like me. The more steps I do, the more exciting I feel. Thank you.

You don't have to be a sage to create a simple web page.

I am now sold on the power of download-able products. The good news is that my product can be made download-able.

Tony Brigmon
Songwriter, and the Ambassador of Fun!

tony fun

What if I Already Have My Own Website?

computer manThen use it!  You don't have to use a domain name that we help you pick.  If you already know your market and have some traffic to your website, then you are just that much closer to your internet profits.

Most of you will enjoy the ease of having us help you pick a website, and buy it and register it, and then provide the hosting for you.  Even if you have your own website, you are welcome to get one from us through your membership.  After learning what makes a great domain name, you may want to pick a new one and redesign your site a bit for greater profits.

How Long Will it Take Me to do the 100 Steps?

Well, that really depends on how much time you are willing to devote to gaining your online profits.  Some people will really "rock and roll" and go through the steps quickly.  Others will take more time.  It's all up to you.

We set no limits on how fast (or how slow) you proceed with the steps.  One thing is for sure, you will always know where you are on the steps and the next step you need to take.  The specific steps of the I Create Profits Program really sets it apart from other programs.

Will the I Create Profits Course Only Work in the United States?

world mapWe know people all across the world who are making online profits.  This is the wonder of the internet - that you can have customers purchase your product from clear across the world. 

All you need is a product and a website and some targeted traffic and we will teach you how to get all of those!

Whether you live in Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, or New York, you can make online profits a reality for you.

"Make Huge Profits Much Faster"

mikeAwesome videos. It's like having your own personal mentor teaching and guiding you every step of the way.

I know the methods in these videos work like a charm because I've been there, done that (after years of frustration).

I just wish these videos were available when I was just starting out. It could have shaved years of trials and error, enabling me to make huge profits much faster.

Michael Lee
Persuasion Expert and Professional Copywriter

Who is Christopher and What Makes Him the Expert?


Christopher has written eleven books, including three on finance and online marketing.  He's made a full time living online since 2005.  He came to the world of internet sales through psychology and marketing, and has a degree in Psychology from BYU.

He enjoys reading, gardening, and mountain running.  Christopher's older boys help him in the business and have many websites of their own.

After purchasing over 200 web domains, he decided to help others to build online businesses.  He's seen so many people with great products but without a decent website.

Do You Have an Affiliate Program?

Yes, when you enroll as a member of the I Create Profits Program you are automatically entitled to promote the courses as an affiliate.  This is a members only affiliate program because we only want affiliates who really use and know the program.

As an affiliate, you get 50 percent of every sale you refer.  Yes, that's a full 50 percent of whatever price the program is then selling for!  You can easily track visitors and sales and commissions whenever you wish, and we pay commissions monthly.

Just use your affiliate link to get two friends to enroll, and your membership is paid for completely!  Remember, your commissions are recurring.

How Much Money Will I Make?

That depends on how much value you give to how many people! 

Having said that, the internet is the best way to contact thousands of people every day who are interested in your product.  You can literally connect with millions of people from your own home, no matter where you live.

"It's Concise Enough to be Easy"

sterling allanI'm looking forward to referring my energy enthusiast friends here to help them build or improve their existing websites.

As one who has built a growing business online, I am glad to say that Chris and Josh have pulled together a great resource here. It's concise enough to be easy, yet thorough enough to result in a professional site.

Sterling D. Allan, CEO
PES Network, Inc

Do I Have to Use PayPal to Enroll?

No, you can use any major credit card.  On the second page of the enrollment process, you will see a line similar to the image below.  Use that link if you don't have a PayPal account.  Note - don't try to click on the link below (it's only a picture).  Use the enrollment button.


Use the button below to start your enrollment in I Create Profits:

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Your transaction will be processed by secure and encrypted connections. 

What If I Join for a Few Months, and Then Want to Cancel my Membership?

Then do it!  I've been a member of several membership sites, and I only belong to one now.  I unsubscribed.  There is a time for everything.  In fact, you are in control of your subscription.  To unsubscribe, you simply go to "Your Membership Area" and then under Your Payment History you hit "cancel".

This will take you to your PayPal, where you actually cancel the subscription, because the subscription was generated in PayPal.  You don't even need to contact us at all to cancel, you just do it.

If I Cancel, What Happens to My Website?

You can take it with you.  However, you will need to transfer your domain to your own hosting account.  Your website and information is perfectly safe while you find a new home for it.

What Kind of Guarantee Do You Offer Those Who Enroll in I Create Profits?

guaranteeThe very best Guarantee of all.  You receive our 100 percent guarantee of satisfaction with our 30-day money back guarantee.  If you are not 100% satisfied after using the program for an entire month, just let us know and we will send you a refund.

We only want to build value in the world, and if you aren't making money using the 100 steps to online profits, then just let us know.  You can see that you have nothing to lose!

How Do I Enroll in I Create Profits, and Where Do I Get Started?

You can enroll by clicking on the button below and investing right now! 


As you enroll, you choose your own username and password to access the I Create Profits Program and the 100 Video Steps and exercises.  You'll receive an email with this information also that will direct you how to login.  You will then read the "How to Get Started" section, then start on your 100 Steps.  It's that easy.

We've seen people pay thousands of dollars for this kind of mentoring and step by step program.  You can enroll in I Create Profits as a Full member for only a small investment per month.

We may raise the membership price at any time.  If you join now as a full member, you will remain at your purchase price as long as you remain a member no matter how much we raise the price.

This investment is small when compared with the money you can make online from your own products!  We've talked to people who paid $6000 for training such as this where you end up with your own real business.

Remember that we buy your chosen website for you, and host it for you. 

"Simple Steps that are Easy to Follow"

apryl jensenI am so excited you have created this incredible resource. I've had many people come to me and ask how I have created my successful Internet business (following YOUR methods!) and now it is so easy to simply refer them to the wealth of information you have put together.

I know that I am connecting my friends and colleagues with the best resource out there. Your site walks us through creating Internet Profits in simple steps that are easy to follow and understand.

Being a visual learner, I really appreciate the video content you provide. I can follow right along with you--it's exceptional!


Apryl Jensen
Author and Life Fulfillment Specialist

Here's where to enroll.  The monthly membership is only $29.95 a month.  We just dropped our price from $69 a month to this low price to help you out.  Josh and I really want to make this program affordable to more people so you can make money with your own business.

We don't know how long we will keep the membership at this ridiculously low price, but if you sign up now, you will stay at the low rate even after we raise the price again.  Jump on it!

The price may be raised soon, so act now.


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