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100 Steps to Creating Your Online Profits

helpmanNote - We will help you on each step.  This isn't a course where you make it all on your own.  We want you to ask us for help.

You can learn a lot from just reading through this list.  We thought the best way to tell you what you get is to simply outline each step for you.  Wouldn't you like to know how to....

Step 1:  Identify Your Top Four Areas of Interest and Passion

You will create online profits when you work in areas you love.  In this step you watch the video outlining the four clarity questions to ask yourself.  Then you simply fill out the clarity sheet and decide on your top four areas of interest. We will give you some examples of niches and subjects.

We have a book listing 559 different topics to get you started on your brainstorming.

Step 2: Explore and Evaluate Audience Size in Your Top Niches

In this step Josh shows you how to quickly use two free online tools to evaluate the potential audience size of any topic, keyword, or niche.  For the best results you want between 300 to 3000 people searching for your topic every day.

Step 3: Pick Your One Best Idea out of Your Four Niche Areas  

Using the information from the first two steps, you now choose your top niche or subject area to develop your website around.  Note - This isn't a lifetime decision, you can always go back and choose another!  You now have a topic you love with a good sized audience as well.

Step 4: Brainstorm At Least 20 Possible Domain Names

In this step you first watch the SureFire video.  This video teaches you some principles about what makes a good domain name.  No, you don't need 20 domain names, but if you come up with 20, you will end up with a better one than just going with your first hunch.

You will send your domain list to us and we will give you feedback and help you choose if you like.

Step 5: Choose your Top Domain Name and Let Us Know!

We will buy the domain for you and host it for you.  Yes, you read that right.  We have streamlined the process of creating websites and have our own private server.

Just let us do that work for you and it's so much easier.  You will have our email address, and we will buy your website and set up the hosting.

Step 6:  Do a Simple Competition Analysis (Really Fun)

We will show you how to do a simple competition analysis to find out what is being done already in your niche.  You will use this step to see what's already working.  Decide on ways to differentiate yourself from the competition and provide unique value to your customers.

Step 7: Learn to Publish all Types of Files to Your Web with FTP

computer boy girlIn this step you will learn how to use FTP (file transfer protocol) to put different kinds of files onto your website.  We will show you the best and simplest free FTP tool to use.

If you are already familiar with FTP, then you can skip this step.

Step 8:  Publish a Simple HTML Page With Your Own Content

We've learned that you really need some confidence at this point.  We will show you how to use some free tools to design content on your new website.  You can use a free web designer, or use another program if you are comfortable with one.

You want a WYSIWYG editor, which stands for What You See is What You Get.  What this means is that you get the page looking how you want using simple tools, and the program builds the html for you!

Step 9:  Decide on Your Type of Product

You've got your niche and your website.  Now, what do you want to create?  We recommend starting with a digital (downloadable) information product.  However, if you have a fantastic dog leash to sell, or invented a new tomato cage, that will work too!

Even with a digital product, you need to decide whether you want to create a downloadable book, an audio series, some videos, or a combination of all these.

Step 10:   List 20 Ways Your Product will Benefit Your Customers

In this step Josh and Christopher will teach you about the sixteen things everybody wants, and how to make sure your product meets the needs of your chosen audience.

You will use these 20 benefits later as you write your persuasive sales page.  One of the biggest mistakes beginners make is not telling their customers about the real benefits of their product!

Step 11:   The Best Way to Produce Downloadable Books

Step 11 will show you the way to convert your "information" and skills into useful content in book format.  You don't need to be scared about the idea of a "book".  A book is just written information.  We will take the mystery out of it so you can allow your creativity to flow.

Step 12:   How to Effectively Create Audio Content with Free Tools

In today's online environment, people expect more than just written material and audio content is a great bonus.  Josh and I will present one of the easiest to use tools available for recording your own audio content. 

We will also let you know what format your audios need to be in to be accessible by all your customers.

You can receive your own domain, your own hosting, and all the "how-to" videos by  enrolling in the Freedom Lifestyle program:

Just Close This Window to return to the Main Page and Enroll.

Step 13:   How to Create Videos and Screencasts the Easy Way

With the technology available today, you can create instructional videos that will bring you online profits.  Your videos don't have to be long and they don't have to be fancy.  Your videos do have to be useful and give people true value in the area of your expertise.

Step 14:   Choose Your Newsletter Theme and Timing

You've probably heard about the importance of developing a "list" of subscribers, but you aren't quite sure how to do this. We will show you how to create a valuable newsletter or ezine that gives customers targeted information in their niche.  When you do this, people want to subscribe!

Step 15:   Automate Your Newsletter and List with the Right Tools

We know hundreds of people making money online and most of them use one company to manage their list of subscribers.  We will tell you which company this is and how to contact them.

You will learn four specific reasons why you should choose this particular "autoresponder" to automate your newsletter delivery.

Step 16:   Design Two Types of Emails for Greater Profits

As you build your list of subscribers, you will send them two different types of emails.  These two types are called "follow-up" and "broadcast" and you put different kinds of information in each one.

We will show you what the differences are and exactly how to use each type.  This will lead to the greatest value for your subscribers, and the greatest profit for you!

Step 17:   Create Your Persuasive Headlines (Sales Page Part 1)

In this step you start on your sales page.  You watch the video showing you how to include emotion and details into your headlines.  Titles and subtitles do matter!  A few of the right words can make a huge difference in the perception of your product.

Step 18:   Use a Selling Story To Engage (Sales Page Part 2)

Now you learn how to use stories to engage your customers on an emotional level.  You'll want to use a story or two right on your sales page and we show you how to do this in a few different ways.

Step 19:   Invite Testimonials for Your Product (Sales Page Part 3)

Why are there testimonials all over the web?  Because they influence people to purchase products.  We will show you how to get the right kind of testimonials and how to present them for the greatest effect.

We will give you the two best sources of great testimonials.

Step 20:   Describe Customer Benefits and Value (Sales Page Part 4)

You won't sell much unless you tell the customer about the benefits they will receive from purchasing.  We will explain what language to use and how detailed you need to be when writing out your benefits.

Your customer buys (or doesn't) based on your sales page!

Step 21:   Make and Explain Your Guarantee (Sales Page Part 5)

Use a rock-solid guarantee on your site to increase sales.  People want to know they have nothing to lose.  They want reassurances and promises, and we will show you just how to do this.  Always live up to your guarantee!

We show you an example of what not to do in the video also.

Step 22:   Use Imagery and Emotion to Sell (Sales Page Part 6)

In this step you learn how to invite the customer to experience owning the product in their mind.  Use visualization and imagery words to evoke emotion.  People buy things for emotional reasons, and we will show you how you can use the right language to increase your profits.

Step 23:   Allow Easy Online Ordering (Sales Page Part 7)

You need an order button!  Yes, and that order button needs to go to an order form where someone can purchase your product.  I know this sounds obvious but I've seen some sites out there that let me know I need this as a separate step here.

We will show you how to increase sales with a clear purchasing button.

Step 24:   Put Your Sales Page Together (Sales Page Part 8)

In this step you put all parts of your sales page together so it flows naturally.  We will show you what parts to make sure and include, and where you can allow your creativity to flow.  Each sales page is unique, yet there are certain parts you don't want to leave out.

Step 25:   Find and Add Bonus Products to Your Sales Page

When selling information products, it's common (and fun) to add some bonus products to your "main" book or program.  We will show you three simple ways of getting bonus items to increase the value of your offering!

Step 26:    Discover the Easiest Way to Collect Online Payments

money bagNow that you've got your product and sales page ready, you need a way for customers to pay.  You could get a merchant account and do the credit card work yourself, but we don't recommend it. 

We will show you the easiest way to collect money for downloadable products.  It's called Clickbank.

Step 27:   Expand into PayPal Payments for Two Profitable Reasons

You also want to learn how to use PayPal to collect payments.  The first reason is that you can use PayPal with shippable products as well as for digital products.  The second reason is that you get the money in your account immediately!  You don't have to wait 15 or 30 days. 

Step 28:   Explore other Payment Processing Options for Flexibility

In this step we introduce you to a few of the most popular payment processing options for the online market (other than Clickbank and PayPal).  This way you can find the one that's just right for your Online Profits! 

Step 29:   Make Your Website More Interactive and Useful

Do you have activities on your site that draw people back again and again?  This step shows you some simple methods of adding useful tools or personalized information that brings visitors back to your website often.

Step 30:   Add Some Fun and Humor to Your Online Marketing

cool sitesWe all love a laugh!  Some of the silliest things I've shared have created a lot of traffic and interest.  Adding some creativity and humor also makes your online work more fun, so lighten up.  We show you several ways to add some fun to your site.

In this video we present one example of a fun activity.

Step 31:   Evaluate Print on Demand (POD) to Expand Sales

You can still have a shippable product (CD or book) without having to ship it yourself.  Many print on demand companies will take your digital product and convert it into a shippable product, and ship it for you too! 

We will help you evaluate the pros and cons for your own product.

Step 32:   Download and Use the Search Status Website Tool

In this step you discover a tool that you will use over and over again to watch your traffic grow, check on search engine rankings, and see who is linking to your site!  This handy little tool is a powerful secret used by many marketers to easily keep tabs on many aspects of their websites.

Step 33:   Try Out Pay Per Click Marketing (Traffic Part 1)

Now that your product is ready and your website can take payments, you want more traffic to your website!  We will show you a lot about web traffic.  In this video and step we give you an introduction to pay per click marketing (PPC) and show you the best search engine to work with based on our experience.  We've tried all the biggest PPC companies. 

Step 34:   Get "Free" Organic Search Traffic (Traffic Part 2)

You've heard about free traffic, right?  Well, it takes time and effort and skill to get this "free" traffic.  You can do it, but you have to know your market and understand the keywords that people use to search the web.

Then you have to create targeted content to give your readers the relevant material they want.  We will get you started in organic traffic.

Step 35:   Increase Traffic With Targeted Article Content (Traffic 3)

You can use articles on your own site, and you can "submit" your articles to other sites to use.  We will show you where we've had the greatest success.  Articles are fun and easy to write.  Think of specific, focused topics when writing articles.   

Step 36:   Build a Network to Increase Traffic (Traffic Part 4)

One of the most powerful ways to get targeted traffic is to network with other "marketers" and authors in your niche.  Some of these people have lists of thousands of subscribers to their newsletter!

When you have a good product and offer a good commission, they will direct their traffic to your site!  We do a lot of networking.

Step 37:   Post on Blogs and Forums in Your Niche (Traffic Part 5)

The web contains blogs and forums on every niche topic you can think of and the readers are your potential customers!  Contribute to these online communities and increase your own visibility by tactfully linking back to your own web content.

Step 38:   Generate a Simple Sitemap for Google (Traffic Part 6)

A simple sitemap for Google can increase your search rankings and bring you more traffic.  We will show you a tool that creates your site map for you easily and quickly.

Step 39:   Invite Search Engine "Robots" to Your Site (Traffic 7)

How do all those search engines find your site?  They use little programs called robots or spiders.  We will show you how to put a simple little file on your site that gives an open invitation to robots to index your site!

One of our sites had over 25,000 robot inquiries in one month, which is one robot visit every 1.7 minutes.

Step 40:   Avoid the Traffic Mistakes and Scams (Traffic Part 8)

In this step we show you what to avoid when increasing your traffic.    We've made some mistakes, so learn from us.  We've seen the scams.  If someone tells you they want thousands of dollars from you and they will give you a "traffic explosion", please run from them!

There are no junk people, but there is junk traffic, and you don't want it.

Step 41:   Track Your Traffic With Your Cpanel (Traffic Part 9)

Every website has a built in tracking program that lets you know how many people are visiting your site.  You can see exactly which pages they are visiting, and the country they are from, and what keywords are bringing you traffic.  You can also see how many robots are visiting your site.

Your Cpanel contains a wealth of helpful information.  Most website owners don't even know how to access it!  We show you how.

Step 42:   Track Your Traffic With Statcounter (Traffic Part 10)

You can also learn a lot about your traffic with a tool called Statcounter, which is free.  You just put a small piece of code on each page you want tracked, and then use this info to improve your marketing and profits.

Step 43:   Simplify Your Work With Your Cpanel Tools

In your website Cpanel, you can set up email accounts through your website.  You can also create subdomains, password protected pages, and backups.  Your Cpanel has many tools for you, and you only need to use the ones that help you in your online marketing.  We will show you.

Step 44:   Set Up Email Accounts through Your Website (Domain)

Many of you will want to set up email addresses through your chosen website and in step 44 we teach you how to do this.  If you choose "" as your domain you can set up as an email account.  This can help advertise your website also!

Note - don't email rob, that's only an example.

Step 45:   Try Out Google Adsense for Your Content Sites

You don't want to put Adsense Ads on your sales page.  However, if you build an extensive content site with lots of articles, you may want to try Adsense for an additional income stream.

We will give you a brief introduction on how to get started.

Step 46:   Measure the Performance of Your Products (Stats Part 1)

Thomas S. Monson said, "Where performance is measured, performance improves.  Where performance is measured and reported, the rate of improvement accelerates."

Measurement is so essential and we will show you the easiest way to track the most important stats for your own products and the products you sell for others.  You'll gain confidence (and profits) when you know where the money is flowing and where it isn't.

The first step is knowing your conversion rate, and we will show you how to figure this.

Step 47:   Learn this Second Simple Sales Rate Formula (Stats 2)

Most marketers figure their conversion rate a certain way, and you learn this in the previous step.  Now we teach you a simpler way that is more "intuitive" for a lot of people to understand.  You only need two numbers to figure this stat, yet it tells you so much.

Step 48:   Discover your Average Visitor Value for Products (Stats 3)

One statistic is even more important than conversion rate, and we will show you why.  This "stat" is called Average Visitor Value.  You'll learn exactly how to calculate this simple number and what it tells you.

If more online marketers knew about AVV (Average Visitor Value) they would be making more money than they do.

Step 49:   Create Formulas to Automate Stats Calculations (Stats 4)

Save time and energy by creating simple formulas to calculate your conversion rate and other stats.  I use Excel but you can use other spreadsheet programs as well.  Then you just plug in your numbers and let the computer do your work. 

Step 50:   Calculate Your Average Cost per New Visitor (Stats 5)

Your cost per new visitor is another useful stat.  If the average visitor spends .40 on your site, but it cost you .50 per visitor to get them there, then you need to make some changes.

If you acquire new visitors for .08 (on average), and they spend .20 on your site, then it's time to turn on the traffic!

Step 51:   Figure Your Daily Profit Easily and Quickly (Stats 6)

As you are making online profits now, it's good to track your profit.  This method is so easy that I have my fourteen year old boy figure all my daily sales and profits.  He's been doing it since he was twelve!  I pay him a dollar a day. 

Step 52:   Include Your "Metatags" on Your Website

What are metatags?  Metatags are short descriptions of your site that are "behind the scenes".  These tags don't show up on your page for the human user, but the search engine robots use them to help identify what your web page is about.

Don't worry, we show you an easy way to list your tags and we give you a template that does most of the work for you!

Step 53:   Create Databases and Install Software on Your Website (WordPress 1)

We have shown you some of the tools used to create your own web pages from scratch using WYSIWYG editors and HTML, but to be honest, those methods aren't for everyone.

WordPress is web publishing platform that actually installs right on your site. You can install themes, templates, and edit your pages just like using a word processor. WordPress is so easy to use, and best yet, it's free!

Step 54:   Use WordPress to Create Professional Web Pages or Blogs (WordPress 2)

WordPress is a state-of-the-art publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability. WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time, or in other words, an essential tool for anyone looking to create great web pages with limited time or knowledge.

More simply, WordPress is what you use when you want to work with your web design software, not fight it.

Step 55:   Create Websites Using Professional Web Design Programs

If you are happy with the free web designers or WordPress then just stick with it.  However, many of you will want the increased options and ease of some of the paid web designers (web authoring programs).

We will introduce you to a couple of the best so you can decide which is best for you, or if you want to stay with free web designing.

Step 56:   Create Professional Websites Using Templates

When building and designing a website you may find that you don't want to automate all design and editing with software like WordPress, but you also don't want to work entirely with HTML.

In this step we show you how templates can take much of the stress out of web design, but still give you some control over the website building process. With templates, you can have great looking professional web pages in no time.

Step 57:   Evaluate Affiliate Programs to Increase Profits (Affiliate 1)

In this step you get an overview of how to pick the best affiliate programs.  We are talking about selling other people's products and making money that way.  There are five questions you need to ask about any potential product and affiliate program 

In step 57 we help you evaluate "relevance" of the product to your audience.

Step 58:   Pick the Best Products to Sell as an Affiliate (Affiliate 2)

Your web audience and your newsletter subscribers trust you, and you must earn that trust.  In this video we show you how to pick only the best products to promote.

Step 59:   Check the Stats Programs of Your Partners (Affiliate 3)

In order to know how worthwhile an affiliate program is, you must be able to see the numbers!  This is very important.  We will show you the numbers that any potential affiliate program should supply for you.

If they can't supply the right stats, then think twice before promoting that product.

Step 60:   Compare Commissions for Affiliate Products (Affiliate 4)

You need to consider not only the commission percentage, but also the price of the product.  In this video and exercise, you'll learn about the numbers to shoot for, so you can correctly compare different products.

Step 61:   Meet the People Behind the Products (Affiliate Part 5)

In nearly all cases, you should be able to meet the author or the creator of the product.  We will show you how to do this, and why to shy away from impersonal companies where you can't contact real people.

Meeting the people behind the products also makes your work more fun, as you make new friends.

Step 62:   Prioritize Your Tasks for Greater Profits (Efficiency 1)

You've heard that 80 percent of your results come from 20 percent of your actions.  It's true.  In this step we present an overview of a color-coded method of priority management specific to website profits.

In other words, we show you which tasks really build your business and profits, and which do not!  The four task areas are coded red, green, black, and blue.

Step 63:   List Your Red-Coded Tasks that Build (Efficiency Part 2)

The red coded tasks in your online business are those that create a product, improve a product, or increase your traffic.  These tasks (and more that we show you) will create profit for you.

Step 64:   Brainstorm Green-Coded Tasks to Sharpen (Efficiency 3)

Your green coded tasks are those that improve processes, break down boundaries through boldness, and sharpen your saw.

Green tasks require effort and thought but are very essential.  They involve change, simplification, and learning.  We will show you more about how to improve your life and business by doing green tasks daily!

Step 65:   Identify Black-Coded Tasks and Minimize (Efficiency 4)

The black coded tasks in a business are those that must be done, but do not give more value to others or earn you more profits.  Some black tasks are paying bills, changing the ink on the printer, and answering routine emails.  We will show you how to automate or delegate these.

Step 66:   Enjoy a Few Blue-Coded Tasks Everyday (Efficiency 5)

The secret is keeping the blue tasks to a minimum.  Blue tasks are easy, like reading other people's newsletters, or researching a new interest.  These actions may help you in the long run, but they don't directly increase profits right now. 

In this video we will show you how to do your red and green tasks for productivity, and then reward yourself with a few easy blue tasks.

Step 67:   Outsource Some of Your Product Creation

Now you've got a thriving business going.  Well, don't work yourself into the ground.  Use some more of your great ideas, but hire out some of the work.  You can contract with someone to create books, audio or video content, and more.  Use leverage to increase your online profits.

Step 68:   Create and Launch a Viral PDF (or 2, or 4, or... )

In this step we show you how to create and deliver useful PDFs.  PDF stands for Portable Document Format, which just means that anyone can read these web documents.  Each PDF contains a link back to your website!

You can create reports, posters, exercises, and more, and convert them into this simple format that enable people to pass them around to each other.

Step 69:   Use Subdomains on Your Site for Clarity and Focus

With a subdomain, you can take your site (for example the domain and make it  You can create as many subdomains on your site as you wish, and use them to divide your site into different parts for easier tracking.

For example, you could use a subdomain for a blog, a forum, a sales page, a collection of audios, or anything you want!

Step 70:   Gain More Attention (and Profits) with Power Verbs

People pay more attention to your promotions when you use power verbs such as Accelerate, Capture, Maximize, and Transform.  We will give you a list of 104 Power Verbs and show you how to use these (and more) on your site.

Step 71:   Secure Your Common Law Copyright for Your Product

Learn what a copyright is, and who can claim a copyright.  Most people have some major misconceptions of what a copyright is and this video will clear these up and simplify the matter for you.

Step 72:   Evaluate Your Need to Trademark Your Product Name

You may want to trademark your name, but you may not need to.  We will show you how to check to see if your product name is already trademarked by someone else.

You actually don't need to file an application to claim a trademark and we will show you why.

Step 73:   Deliver Content With RSS (Really Simple Syndication)

People can sign up to receive your blog, forum, or newsletter through RSS feeds right to their computer.  But, you need to know how to set this up from your end.  Remember, it's called Really Simple Syndication for a reason (because it's really simple).  We will show you how.

Step 74:   Get Visitors to Share Your Web Pages With Friends

Years ago Josh and Christopher built their own tell a friend form.  That was a big job.  We will show you a much easier free tool you can use to get visitors to refer your page at the touch of a button! 

Step 75:   Make a Favicon for Your Website (Fun Step)

Have you noticed that next to the domain name in many sites there's a custom picture of symbol?  That's the Favicon!  A nice Favicon (short for favorites icon) can make your site look more professional.  These icons are easy to make.

This video shows you how to make your own Favicon from a picture.  Look up and see our Favicon for this site up next to the URL.

Step 76:   Load Your Favicon onto Your Server (for all Browsers)

We show you in this step where to put your Favicon in your files so it shows up in the major web browsers.  As you know, different browsers do things slightly differently, but we will show you how to cover all of them.

Step 77:   Leverage Search Engines (Advanced Traffic 1)

In video 77 we show you how search engines work and how to use this for your benefit.  There are of course entire books written on search engines, but we will give you some useful principles you can easily put to work.  The first step is to be concise and relevant.

Step 78:   Know Search Engines Differences (Advanced Traffic 2)

Do you know why you get results with Yahoo and not with Google, or vice versa?  We do, and we will simplify this for you so you can understand and build web pages with purpose.  We will give you some real examples.

Step 79:   Use Hyperlinks Wisely and Well (Advanced Traffic 3)

Yes, some links to your website are more valuable than others!  After years of trial and error (and study and learning), this video explains the principles of powerful linking.

Step 80:   Create Simple Videos for YouTube to Get More Traffic (Advanced Traffic Part 4)

Sometimes traffic comes from unusual and free places and it is up to you to find those places to advertise. YouTube is one of the best free places to get traffic to your website.

In this step we show you the best ways to use YouTube to your advantage for free advertising.

Step 81:   Submit Your Site to Major Search Engines (Advanced Traffic Part 5)

Submitting your URL to search engines can get you listed in their crawling index faster, but you need to be careful. In this video we show you how to safely submit your site to the top search engines and stay away from the tricks and scams out there.

Step 82:   Create Your Own WordPress Theme with Professional Designs (WordPress Extra Part 1)

There are some great pre-made WordPress themes out there, but imagine if you could easily design your own. This lesson will introduce a new website that allows you to design your own WordPress theme using professional graphics and modules.

This advanced step will allow you to add a personal touch to your site if you are using WordPress.

Step 83:   Step 83: Learn How to Add Themes to WordPress Using FTP (WordPress Extra Part 2)

Now that you have created your own WordPress theme or downloaded a pre-made theme, you need to know how to load that theme to your website using FTP. This video will show you the exact location you need to load the theme files and is a review on how to use FileZilla to publish files to your website.

Step 84:   Start an eBay Store and Sell Your Stuff

If you have a lot of stuff you wish you could sell, an eBay store might be the right thing for you. eBay takes care of advertising, payments, and traffic, all you need to do is create good listing and sell your stuff.

You might want to consider an eBay store to get your kids involved in internet marketing. It can be fun and very easy for them.

Step 85:   Learn the Basics of Website Ownership and Hosting

As your business expands you may need additional websites, which is why you need to understand how the process of purchasing and hosting a website works. You really need to make sure you have great hosting because the times when your site is down you lose customers.

In this step we show you where and how to purchase a website and get great hosting for your site.

Step 86:   Establish Credibility on Your Website (Advanced Persuasion 1)

Learn why people trust authority and how to invoke credibility on your sales page.  You can become an "Expert" in any area fairly quickly.  Add more believability to your promotions (and always give what you promise).

Step 87:   Invoke the Power of Reciprocity (Advanced Selling 2)

Give bonus gifts, free valuable content, and other items to enrich people's lives.  As a side benefit, many of these people will choose to become your customers because of the power of reciprocity.

When you give a gift, people feel they ought to do something for you too.

Step 88:   Create a Sense of Urgency with Time Limited or Quantity Limited Offers (Advanced Selling 3)

Use real time-limited offers to increase profits.  People are motivated to action when the the sales item is scarce or is available only for a specific time period.

We will show you several ways to use this powerful tool.

Step 89:   Harness Peer Pressure and Social Approval (Advanced Selling 4)

People love and enjoy your product, right?  Well, tell pending customers all about it to let them see and feel how many others are getting benefits from your product.

We are influenced to a great extent by what our peers (and even strangers) think about what we do.  This video explains ways to increase sales by using social approval.

Step 90:   Use Content Management Software to Gain Interest in Your Site (Membership Sites Part 1)

One thing about life is that people like to belong to something. Content management sites allow you to provide memberships to people so they can belong to your site and access content you have prepared for them.

In this step we will show you the two most popular free content management programs, Moodle and Joomla.

Step 91:   Create a Membership Site to Provide More Content and Increase Profits (Membership Sites Part 2)

You need to have a way to manage subscriptions for your paid memberships so that your site works well with payment processors like PayPal.

We show you how to use aMember to accomplish this and other functions and introduce you to some other tools that will help you develop a great membership site.

Step 92:   Learn How the Right Computer Helps You Work Faster & Better (Tools We Use Part 1)

In this video we introduce the computer system we use to create our content and websites. Over the years working online, we have found that people work the best when they have a dependable computer. You want to make your computer work for you rather than the computer working you.

Step 93:   Learn How the Right Software Makes Creating Content Easy (Tools We Use Part 2)

There is a way to have the best of both worlds, using Mac and PC, and that is through Parallels. We also introduce you to some places we find free software to use on our own computers - hey, what's better than free!

Step 94:   Set Up Your Home Office Network for More Freedom (Tools We Use Part 3)

One aspect of having a home business is the freedom. Not only do you have freedom with your time, but in this video we show you how to have freedom in your home with a wireless network.

Step 95:   Organize Your Files on Your Server

When you include many different types of files and documents on your server, it sure helps to keep them organized!  This step is a practical video on the easiest way to keep your work efficient.

Step 96:   Learn Your Tax Responsibilities as a Business Owner

We all have to pay taxes and this is especially true of business owners. In this video we introduce some of the tax topics you need to be aware of as a business owner.

If you prepare and do your research on your tax responsibilities now, you won't have any unpleasant surprises later.

Step 97:   Obtain Health Insurance to Protect Yourself and Your Business

In this step you will learn about the importance of having quality health insurance. Working from your own computer will limit your exposure to health hazards, but it does not make you immune from the unexpected "things" in life.

We'll help you understand how to obtain health insurance that is best for you. Having a good health plan will ensure you keep the wealth you have obtained.

Step 98:   Expand Your Profits by Saving and Reducing Debt

One of the fastest ways to increase your profits is to be careful how you spend your earnings. You should always save more than you spend.

In this step we discuss some of the ways to save more money and get out of debt if you need to.

Step 99:   Enjoy Your Freedom Lifestyle

The benefit of automation is time freedom for you.  Make sure and use it.  Do your work, and then put it aside and go live.  Explore your other interests and be with people.

Cut the chain that ties you to your computer.  The work is never "all done" so you must decide when enough is enough.

Step 100:   Give Back to Your World in Many Ways

When you are blessed with residual income, make sure and find ways to give back to your world.  In this video we explore some ways you can do this.  One great organization is, where you hand-pick where your money goes.  The money helps them to start a business, so it keeps on giving!

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